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For many patients, visiting a Plastic Surgeon for the first time can seem daunting and nerve-wracking. Our goal is to ensure that the entirety of your visit–from your initial greeting with our front staff to your individualized meeting with Dr. Megan’s patient care coordinator Alicia– is a comfortable and positive experience. 


From the moment you meet Dr. Megan, you will get just why her patients feel their experience with her is just different. She is both friendly and compassionate. She talks to you with the ease and candor of an old acquaintance, not a new patient. You will know that she is truly listening to your concerns.  Her unique role as a Female Plastic Surgeon allows a deeper understanding and more personal perspective to the emotional and physical concerns brought by her patients. Creating this level of patient comfort and relatability not only maximize the patient experience but allows a deeper, more intimate conversation about topics that are sometimes very difficult to discuss. 

Dr. Megan’s approach to patient care lies in her drive to educate patients. She believes it is not enough to simply be told which procedure is best for you but rather to understand the why in her decision making. Together, you will review your individual anatomy, possible surgical options available to you, and, when in combination with your surgical goals, which procedure she will ultimately recommend. This collaborative approach allows you to make the best and most informed decision for yourself.





It is reasonable to anticipate spending about an hour at our office for your consultation experience. There are numerous aspects of your visit that are all vital to ensure we have all the information we need to create a safe, individualized surgical plan and that you leave here armed with all the information you need in order to make the best, informed decision for yourself. The first part of your appointment will be completing a new patient medical history form that will be provided upon your arrival by our front desk staff. We ask that all patients make the appropriate accommodations to arrive at their appointment at least 10-15 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork. Completing the paperwork during your consultation time can take away from valuable face-to-face time with Dr. Megan. An accurate, up-to-date medical history is vital to ensuring the safety and efficacy of our treatment plan. 


Once all paperwork is completed, our Medical Assistant or Nurse will then guide you back to your private consultation room. Here, they will review key elements of your medical history, obtain a current weight, and provide you with a gown to change into prior to meeting with Dr. Megan. Our schedule is designed to give each patient at least 30 minutes with Dr. Megan to thoroughly review your aesthetic goals and specific anatomy. From this, we will then create a unique and individualized surgical plan that best suits your needs. Finally, we want to ensure that all your questions surrounding your treatment plan are answered prior to the conclusion of your consultation. We encourage patients to write questions down ahead of time to prevent forgetting them on the spot. A second set of ears is also a good idea so feel free to bring a close friend or significant other to your appointment. 


Our Ambulatory Surgery Center is located adjacent to our Clinic and Aesthetic Center in order to maximize your convenience and patient experience. Our facility is AAAASF certified to ensure the highest safety standards for your surgical procedure. We have 4 spacious operating rooms all with stunning views of downtown Seattle from every angle.  


We understand the importance of convenience and accessibility in the modern world. That’s why we offer virtual consultations for those seeking Plastic Surgery but cannot physically come in for a consultation in our downtown Seattle office. With our virtual consultation service, you can receive personalized advice and guidance from Dr. Megan in the comfort of your own home. Prior to your appointment, we ask that you upload or email photos of the areas you would like to address. Dr. Megan will then thoroughly discuss your aesthetic goals, review your medical history, and address any concerns you may have. She will review your photos and, from this, can more accurately assess which plastic surgery procedure will be most appropriate for you and your goals. 



At the time of your arrival to our facility, you will be provided with a few sheets of paper to fill out that will give us essential information we will need to document and update your medical health record. An accurate and up-to-date medical history is essential to determining your candidacy for outpatient elective surgery and for formulating a safe and effective surgical plan. This paperwork shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes to complete. It is essential that you arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your appointment time to complete these required documents to avoid disrupting your dedicated one on one time with Dr. Megan. 


After you have finished your consultation with Dr. Megan and have all your questions answered, we will have you meet with her Patient Care Coordinator Alicia in her private office to discuss surgery costs, scheduling and, if applicable, insurance-related details. You will be provided with a copy of your Surgical quote, a list of ancillary services we offer in our Aesthetic center, and additional information on our cosmetic surgery insurance company CosmetAssure. 


After your initial visit, we encourage you to reach out to our team with any additional questions that may arise. We know this is a big decision, and we want you to feel confident as you move forward through your cosmetic surgery journey. The majority of our patients feel they have received all the information they desire during their initial visit. In some circumstances, however, an additional consultation may be necessary in order to ensure we have all the information we need to make the most appropriate and tailored surgical plan to meet your goals.


If there are any labs, imaging, or clearances that are needed before moving forward with surgery, these can be emailed, faxed or uploaded to MyChart upon completion. Once you have made your decision to proceed with surgery (yay!) the next step is to schedule you for your preoperative assessment visit. During this visit, you will receive all the necessary information regarding the specifics surrounding the days leading up to, the day of, and the days following your plastic surgery procedure. This information will include when to stop eating and drinking prior to surgery, prescribed medications, and postoperative care. Our nurse will review any pertinent information in your health history as well as any clearances you obtained to ensure you are safe to proceed with surgery in our Ambulatory Surgery Center. Rest assured, all of your questions will be answered!


CosmetAssure is a dedicated insurance program that offers protection and peace of mind to patients undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. It serves as a safety net for unexpected medical complications that might arise during or after the surgery, covering expenses that may not be included in the standard medical insurance coverage. This unique offering is particularly valuable because it ensures financial coverage for patients in case of unforeseen post-surgical complications that could lead to additional medical treatments or hospitalization. By providing this layer of protection, CosmetAssure allows patients to focus on their recovery without worrying about the financial implications that may arise from potential complications, giving them the confidence to proceed with their desired cosmetic surgery procedure.


Our clinical office & Ambulatory Surgery Center are located on the top floor of the Nordstrom Medical Tower, in the heart of the downtown Medical district.  Our facility encompasses the entire 16th floor to ensure you have everything you need in a single location. 

Dr. Megan Dreveskracht practice  location at the Nordstrom Medical Tower


No one knows better which products are best for the postoperative plastic surgery patient than the patients themselves. Below are some of the products Dr. Megan's patients found invaluable during the post-surgery journey and healing process.  



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